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2002 - 2004 Village Visioning Process

who are we / who do we wanna be ?

heart of the fair
networking spirit
political evangelists/ activists
family “home”
idealists that prove how it can be done in every day life
where everyone feels welcome
learning to get along without blame, names and yuck
it’s the essence of community-learn more about community and put it into practice
we are the new society, trying to give birth to itself
the lovers
not stuck
an example of all who visit
enlightenment in action
people who can reach consensus
people who can realize when to put ego aside for greater good
people who can remind us when we forget
be forever young
we want to be the opposite for the culture of greed, fear and violence. We are the people of hope, generosity and peace.
Let’s bring vision on non-violent revolution throughout OCF and visitors.
We help OCF have an idealistic, social change, non-violent revolution presence. Without us, it’s one more argument for fully-paid workers (an impossibility) throughout OCF. Without us, it’s “hippy mall”.
We are the dream that you remember after a short sleep, illusive and fleeting, epiphany and purpose.
A natural and compassionate answer to many destructive ways of mainstream society
The emissaries of peace in the world
Present a Museum / Giftshop
Focus on values, learning, fun
A force for peace, consciousness, awareness, positive change
We are the magic that makes life interesting and worthwhile
We are not the village you expected
Practice what we preach / preach what we practice
An energy center dispersing good energy throughout the Fair. Currently feels more like a backwater, but low energy, not a main draw
Skills trainings
Maybe the village can be a bubbling pot of ideas and visions for the future that provide the backbone of a progressive political agenda that green-type candidates can run with to be elected so that our visions can become progressive policies in Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, and beyond…
A place where families, pregnant women and nursing mothers will find a space to relax and gather information on natural child birthing, breast feeding with Oregon midwives

Role of Council

Worker bees
Keepers of the earth plane
Coordinators of the parts
Envision keepers of the “big picture”
New and old
Meeting goers
Parents (they do all the work) give the kids more chores
Do what they think is best
We need an actual board of directors or we will always simply be a part of OCF, with little or no ‘real world’ projects during the year (eg. Land ownership)
Be wary of putting power with Board
Cinnamon roles
Each pulling own share
Doing what we say we’ll do
NOT arbitrators of problems between individuals. Get boundaries.
To listen, really listen, to the village members, to their ideas and to their hearts.
As little as possible.
Compassionate facilitators of essential labor/goals/walking our path
Put out fires and solve problems peacefully
But are we enjoying this?
Represent and act on the will of the village - not self-interest
A moment of stasis and respite for every single thing that concerns everyone.
Remember our past decisions
Promoters of compassionate revolution
Stand tall with pride for our village
The greatest place of integrity, help, energy and goodwill in the village
But, are we enjoying this?
Optimists completely disconnected from reality as society experiences it
A job that even the waste warriors would not recycle

Eligibility/ booth empowerment

Booth cords and elders help newer folks get the clues of what CV is about- policies, guidelines, practices, etc. , which relates to less time spent on same old same old at meetings, so more time for fun at meetings.
Work for pass- more involved
Recreate the game of clue
More like McKenzie River Gathering gives grants: CV actually weighs group involvement instead of rubber stamp.
More group involvement
Require time on booth shifts
Require each group to give a 20 minute soap box talk
Create coordinator meeting to facilitate networking
Less seniority, more vitality
Beyond the basic eligibility, offer extra passes for higher prices
Service oriented, non profit, networkers
Booths should not determine who fits the booth’s theme; the theme should reflect who is in the booth
Unify small booths; split overcrowded ones
Each booth needs to have a community feel within the village. They should be meeting separately, not at village meetings only, so the group is able to bring ideas and thoughts to village meetings. Each booth needs to remain open to new members to stay innovative and exciting. Booth members ALL need to earn their passes.
Booth empowerment still within the values of the village.
Throughout the year, non-profit activism involvement.
Eligibility form redo to get at how groups contribute with plenty of opportunities for individuals, too. ( based on a fixed ratio of group passes and individual passes )
Percentage of new groups each year ( could also be a fixed, very low, but stable ratio).
Create a new booth called the “ …………” which is named each fair, creates a theme for itself each fair.
Make new friends, sleep with someone different
Institute a 2 new campers per booth rule.
Concerted Community Outreach. Let people know there is another way to experience the Fair
Spirits who are willing to put in a big energy in a good way
Year Round Work - be rewarded
Let us get across the idea that to be in the village y9ou must participate in the village - come to as many meetings and work parties as possible - get to know each other
Let people know there is another way to experience the Fair
Shake it up, take a chance, give a chance
What do many of the booths do? Hard for other booths to know, cross pollination needed
Reorganize paths and walkways so Life long learning (and other near it) get more visibility
All booth groups must contribute, not just “we’ve been here __ many years.”

Let’s make meetings more fun and meaningful.

Have it in a building with better acoustics.
And more songs and dancing, music, drumming (7 times), music crew
Lighten up and still get work done (2 times)
The stuff that’s the same each year, be written up and passed out
Have first half hour of each meeting be for newcomers be for newcomers to explain all things that people who have been members already know.
Have at least one half hour each meeting be devoted to networking (3 times)
A chance for a few groups to talk for ten minutes about what their group does.
Announcements. Petitions. Exchange of info.
Let the children do a play at the meeting
Have a naked meeting
Voting ( try for consensus, then vote now and again on some stuff)
Make costumes during meeting times, arts and crafts
Get to know your neighbor ( someone you don’t know) for three to five minutes each meeting
Unpack the agenda
Rewrite the game of clue
More spin the bottle
Neb says “copious amounts of alcohol at each CV meeting”
A meeting devoted to a single topic would allow deeper discussions. We‘ve got large topics- vision topics- that could be discussed. Each could get its own meeting. This might mean more meetings, or fewer meetings doing what we do now, that is announcements, etc.
Make morning meeting later in the day, or only one be mandatory and missing the two other is womanatory
Attendance at morning meetings at fair itself to be one criteria for consideration of passes the following year.
More Hokey-Pokey, that’s what it’s all about.
Strip poker
Kareoke sing along
Create a Community Village ‘How to’ book and include: Fire Rap. Safety rap, camping, etc raps. This way we may not have to repeat everything each meeting. Raps could be part of booth breakdown. (2 times)
Have one meeting each year (or more if needed) where each individual or organization enlightens us about their contribution.
More time to talk to each other
Have a drum call - like roll call
Have the grownups do a play
More singing
We should sing ____ (illegible) song
Have folks place their announcements on 3X5 cards on the wall
Pass a stone for circle talk - introductions
have potlucks before every meeting 6 - 7pm

How can we have community all year?

Seasonal socials (one event per quarter)
Potluck before each meeting, from 6-7 pm (food mentioned 6 times)
Swapping stuff and services, sharing what we need
Mid year ( between fairs) party
Monthly potlucks
Parties at wonderful places throughout the year
holiday parties on sight- water crew has a big eater-egg hunt for their families.
Campouts ! on site ?
A January big get together( including out of towners ) at WOW Hall with music food and brainstorming ( 6 months before fair-opposite side of sun)
More time doing this
Parties potlucks at meetings
Potlatches, “gentle” business focus
Fruit harvesting parties on site- blackberries, apples, grapes, etc
Get involved with the garden
Any tree pruners for Alice’s
Remember when we had that campout and hike all those waterfalls ? Nakiah, now 10 yo., has asked if we could do something like that again, like maybe a monthly event
Meetings where we don’t discuss the fair (2 times)
Get the earth to slow down a little
Sponsor one other event or meeting each month specific to community
Potluck, gatherings, being a community year round, and figuring out what that is
Bring food to meetings to share, cookies, fruit, prizes for everyone
Year round activities at the fair site / year round work
Begin a project with excitement that goes all year- a Eugene community Project (2 times)
what we need
That’s what it all about
Concerted Community Outreach focusing on individual, attainable, short term projects, i.e., highway cleanup project
Trust building exercises on Site YES!
Live together
Monthly (or bi-monthly) Village newsletter
More campouts on site - practice makes perfect
Camping trip?
Do an employee/worker swap for 1 - 2 weeks between organizations, or just a day trade of jobs - cross fertilization
Shop together at growers market

How do we wanna look ?

Swinging bridges from booth to booth
Counter weight elevator for disabled to bridges area
Less wood structure- more beautiful fabrics
West Nile virus protection: to start mosquito netting shades/ doors around the house area, then not infested with mosquitoes
Light, colorful, convertible, easy flow around
Like the peaceful garden of paradise, plants less leaflets (2 times)
Satellite areas- continue the new camping areas and spread out into a new section of the fair, like the energy park offspring
More integrated throughout fair- traveling, creative ambiance, with social change message… new areas of presence in other parts of the fair.
Maypole in center of green for decoration and to hold up the parachute for shade.
Posts should be set by throwing the I Ching, maintaining random balance, then create the booths from that bridging across posts.
Let’s have a community village parade once a day
We do.
More circulation inside village. Right now, too many straight through from the 6 pack to the 8, missing the booths. More open space feeling
Women’s urinal could be round holes in the ground, to squat over, with deck around each.
Colorful, in transit, light, inviting, says “come play”… fun stuff, dancing, music, free flow art, healing, inviting, enlightening, open, loving
Create large booths with sections ( equal to 3 booths now). Group booths by theme, eg….. green earth, wild edibles, master gardener. Give each section a different look: different loft levels, styles, counter arrangements, etc. Create a vision/ design for each section, one section per year for 5 years.
More tie die - really bright
Like all the various human and earthly parts of ourselves
Naked and covered with mud
More pillows and places to sit
Long and clear
Information Kiosks to provide information about upcoming meetings and workshops sponsored by village organizations
Open and available to all
? board entertainment by info


From Fair Evaluation 2003

have evaluation early Sat or next Sunday DITTO
camping coordinator should work on being more friendly, helpful, professional
yeah! For sound enhanced stage performances be conscious of scheduling such -
Loved Ina May and Stephen - more of the same!!
How about foot pump hand wash stations? A must for 2004. Present ones are unsanitary.
Pyramid needs new skin and frame
If you want sound enhancement for 2004 treat the stage crew more generously or it won’t happen.
Don’t take it for granted (refers to above)
Sounds like this person doesn’t want to come back (refers to above)
Name the stage “Marshall Memorial Stage”
Have satellite meetings be more fun (not just typical rap)
Crisis resolution training for all participants. Molly (LP) and Nick (GE) are trained to give it. Should be mandatory. Also, if we are sweeping the village, someone from security should come to the last pre-fair meeting with advice on checking ID’s. We are not consistent so we need to plug the holes.
Ask fruit booth to use recyclable container instead of plastic bags
Set up battery charge station for wheelchairs