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President  Mary-Minn Sirag

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The Carmen B. Pingree Elementary School
in association with
KIND TREE Productions, Inc.

"a Story of a RainChild"
a biographical video of a child with autism

The children pictured suffer from a disorder called autism. Autism affects certain neurological pathways of the brain, leaving other pathways unharmed or even strengthened. The challenge, therefore, lies in the teachers ability to find the best path to learning.

The need is critical in the Intermountain West for an elementary school for these amazing children. Since 1978 three to four families per year have moved to Salt Lake City so that  their children and families can attend CBTU Preschool (the Children’s Behavioral Therapy Unit, a program of Valley Mental Health). The Elementary School will continue the excellent track record of the last twenty years and will include research collaboration with the University of Utah, life skills enhancement, nutrition classes and a 500% increase in student

CBTU/VMH will create a state-of-the-arty Preschool and Elementary School for autistic children with the ultimate goal of lifetime education and services. This program will put Utah on the map as one of the nation’s primary centers for autism education and research. Currently CBTU waiting lists are staggering and are denying children and their parents the services they so desperately need. Research has shown, with early intervention these children can make miraculous progress, which can send them on the road towards a happy, safe, productive future.

As Utahns, we care about our children and believe that all children deserve a chance to become productive members of a community. A diagnoses of autism once meant hopelessness and a lifetime of institutions. Today with your help, we can give these children and their families a place where hopes and dreams can grow.


Send $15.00
plus $3.00 shipping and handling to:
2806 Filmore Street
Salt Lake City, Utah   84106
make checks payable to:

The Carmen B. Pingree Elementary School
For Children With Autism
Salt Lake City, Utah
801 - 534 - 1501

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©1998 Kind Tree Productions, Inc.
2440 Haig St.
Eugene, OR 97402

Dear Kind Tree,

I have just completed the first of two videos that we are
producing to raise funds for the school  here in Utah
Carmen. B. Pingree School for children with autism.

The first video is called   The story of the RainChild and
is a black and white documentary (approx 35minutes)
it is about my son Dhylan, who is six years old, he narrates
the whole video himself, and I think he does a fabulous
Anyway there are clips from his birth, three months, one
year old, fifteen months (when he received a mmr shot, which
we believe caused or triggered his autism)  two year old,
three year old, first day at his autism school, four years
old, plus some clips of him now, with his sister, and his
plea for help in building a school for children all over the
world, and Utah.
could you please put this on your website, it is for sale
and half the proceeds go to the school.
The video costs $15 plus $3. shipping and handling and
checks should be sent to
2806 Filmore Street,
Salt Lake City
Utah 84106