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The Carmen B. Pingree Elementary School
in association with
KIND TREE Productions, Inc.

"Our Side Of The Fence"
a parents perspective on
Hi there
The video, Our Side Of The Fence, a parents perspective on autism, is now available.
The video is a two volume,  four  hour,  VHS video, that my friend and I filmed here in Salt Lake City, we interviewed, or I should say, asked 45 parents (Mom's and Dads) to tell their story about autism.  (briefly ) Also in the video we have teachers talking about their students, a ride on the bus with a group of children and a candid interview with the bus driver. We visit a group home, and visit three homes where children with autism live. We have advice from parents, and also from a well known autism expert Sally Ozonoff Ph.D.

I really think the video will help parents, not only to understand a little of what autism is, but to be able to say, "Yes, thats how I feel, or  to say, oh that child is just like mine"
In tape two we concentrate more on the children, and have individual children speaking, playing piano, singing, and just being themselves.

While it is not on a caliber with Hollywood, or even Dateline, Primetime etc,
as we filmed it simply with a camcorder and a lot of heart, its really beautiful, and I have cried so many tears watching it.

If you would like a copy, it will sell for $45.00 plus $4 shipping and handling.

ALSO AVAILABLE in Black & White.
This version covers a more in depth look of five families, it is  a little more compact than the two volume video.
In the video we  meet Sally Ozonoff Ph.D a well known autism
expert, Timmy and Kirsten, (siblings)  Alexandra and Matt,
(siblings) and Brandon and Andrew (siblings)
Phil  (18)  Graham (living in a group home age 12) and
Hunter (non verbal and age 5)
Also there is a visit with the teachers, a ride on the
school bus, and at the end of the video brief clips from
various parents who tell their thoughts on autism.

It sells for $35 plus $5 shipping and handling
and you can send a check to:

c/o Sally Meyer
2806 Filmore Street,
Salt Lake City
Utah 84106.



Send $45.00
plus $4.00 shipping and handling to:
2806 Filmore Street
Salt Lake City, Utah   84106
make checks payable to:

The Carmen B. Pingree Elementary School
For Children With Autism
Salt Lake City, Utah
801 - 534 - 1501

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RainChild Tee Shirts
$12. (child)
$15  (adult)

Our Side Of The Fence Video
B&W - $35

Reflections on Autism

Coming soon, in depth documentary on Autism.  Filmed in Black and White,
featuring extended footage from Our Side Of The Fence
volumes one and two