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Eugene Celebration ParadeKind Tree's PAGE OF LINKS

Herein are links to some of our favorite web sites
that deal with autism.
See any you haven't seen before?
Got one you wanna tell us about? Well, tell...

Fun Links

  A Little Magic - Just for Fun!
Parents Place Autism Chat
Autistic Children's Activity Program
Kids Kit: Three teachers developed these materials for kids. A great idea.
PLAYSTEPS, sequenced books to teach play to young children with autism.

Informational Links

Asperger's Network in Portland, Oregon
Unlocking Autism
a new National organization building Autism Awareness

Adventures Without Limits
Outdoor adventures for everyone

Autism Autoimmunity Project, Florida Branch
Funding Research into Autism's causes

This is a wonderful site with lots of interactive and communication features.
I really like this one!

Tools for visual learners

CIBRA - public testimonies by parents of people with Autism
Check out this site about abusive or negligent use of behavior modification procedures.

The Institute on Independent Living
serves self-help organizations of disabled people who work for self-determination and equal opportunities. They provide information, training materials and technical assistance on accessibility, personal assistance, advocacy, legislation and peer support.

The Victory School is a non-profit school for children with autism in
Aventura/Miami, Florida.

Autism Advocacy Worldwide
Autism: an overview by Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M.D., Ph.D. Pretty extensive, good info.
"Come Back Jack" - a moving video plus educational sight.
Combining the Many Pieces of the Puzzle - ASK
Autism Publications - Great book source!
Web Based Autism Conference ongoing program. Check out this site today and register.
Discussions on Autism and Immunizations and more at "Autism Connect"
Supporting All Neurological Disorders
Want to help Genetic Researchers look for Autism genes?
Autism - a conditioned response to biochemical toxicity? (research article - heavy)

 Natural Healing for Schizophrenia and other mental disorders
Gluten Free Diet Information
Gifts of Nature - more gluten free food

Society for the Autistically Handicapped - UK. An International source of information.
 Oregon Families For The Early Treatment of Autism
Autism Society of Oregon
 Center For The Study Of Autism
Yale Center For Autism Research
Texas Autism Society
Autism in the Phillipines
TEACCH of North Carolina

Volunteer Match - find a volunteer opportunity near you


Autism Links Homepage
More Autism Links than you can shake a stick at!

Personal Web Sites

A wonderful first-person description of Autism. Great information

Ray's Autism Page - a man with a mission!

A site by Mitzi Waltz regarding her new book
"Pervasive Developmental Disorders: Finding a Diagnosis and Getting Help" and the Autism Patient Center.
GOOD website!

Reaching the Young Autistic Child  by Sibylle Janert

Miriam Stoppard writes:

"Sibylle Janert has discovered the bridges any adult can build to help the autistic child attempt, what for him is his most difficult task - to emerge from his internal world and engage with another person. Her thesis is irresistible because it is grounded in such basic neonatal physiology, and her logic is irrefutable: if an autistic child is born with the instincts and equipment to relate to others, then intervention must begin early (at least by nine months) to keep the apparatus in working order. Sibylle Janert has provided parents with the means to help their autistic child enter the real world".

Our Sec/treas is also a great musician.
Check out his ELMO MAXX home page at:
 GreyWolf Projects

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