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Kind Tree Productions, Inc., in assosociation with Elizabeth Gerlach, Present:

Four Leaf Press

Books, Music, Art
By and About People with Autism

 Just This Side of Normal - new for 1999
 Autism Treatment Guide  Calming Rhthyms CD   Reaching the Child with Autism Through Art
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Four Leaf Press's Other page - NEW STUFF including Elizabeth's New Book: Just This Side of Normal

The arts, including visual art, music, dance, and drama
are available for everyone to participate in and enjoy.
I believe the arts are a wonderful means for joyfull connections
between individuals of all abilities.
While some individuals with autism have special or "savant" talent,
I believe that everyone's life is enriched by the arts...
and no one need be excluded.
The Autism Art Project
seeks to raise awareness and encourage the use
of the arts as a medium for self-expression and communication.
These cards, mini-prints and CD are offered
at a discount to support groups to use in fund-raising activities.
Each artist is paid for their designs.
Four Leaf Press will donate a percentage of the profits
from the sale of these products to groups facilitating autism research.
Elizabeth K. Gerlach

Just This Side of Normal
$19.95   plus $2.00 shipping in USA

Autism Tratment Guide: 1998 edition
By Elizabeth K. Gerlach

A resource guide for parents and professionals.
This comprehensive guide gives you basic facts, research information, and effective treatment options. Objectively written, it contains extensive resource listings and suggested readings. Gerlach received the 1994 Autism Society of America "Outstanding Parent Achievement Award" for this book. "This guidebook has been needed for a very long time and will be eargerly welcomed by parents and professionals alike." --Bernard Rimland, Ph.D. Director, Autism Research Institute.

$11.95 (postage paid)

Calming Rhthyms
Developed by Jeff Strong of the REI Institute

Calming Rhthyms is a calming aid for individuals with neurobiological disorders including autism. A recording of drum rhthyms, Calming Rhthyms is successfully being used by professionals and families alike to help alleviate episodes of aggression in indiviuals with autism and related disorders. Includes informational brochure.

$30.00 (postage paid)

Reaching the Child with Autism Through Art
By Toni Flowers

For use by parents or professionals,
this book offers practical, fun activities to enhance motor skills
and to improve tactile concept and awareness.
"To often children with autism are 'left out' of art classes
because they are difficult to reach.
The experiences in this book have been given the
'lick, sniff, and twiddle' seal of approval
by children with autism everywhere."
Toni Flowers.
$24.95 (postage paid)

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