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Kind Tree Productions, Inc., in association with Elizabeth Gerlach, Present:
The Autism Art Project

"Reach Out Through Art"
Eight Delightful Ways To Send A Message!

Introducing our new line of original greeting cards
featuring the art work of children with autism.
Cards are surrounded by delicate borders
and are printed in four festive colors.
Matching colored envelopes included.
On the back of each card is a note about the artist
and a description of autism.
A beautiful way to share your thoughts
and the talent of children with autism
while increasing autism awareness.
Comes in an assortment of eight.
Custom orders available upon request.
$10.50  Set of Eight (postage paid)
also available as prints suitable for framing

"Little Bird"       Rosemary Williams, living in pennsylvania, was diagnosed with autism in 1994, at five years old. Several of the drawings featured on these cards were drawn at that age. She began drawing before she could communicate with words, and art continues to be an important way for Rosemary to process information. She loves her drawings, and each one has great meaning to her.
  "Annalee and Friends"

"Upside Down Horses"
"Running With the Wind"

  "I Hear a Symphony"   Kim Miller lives in Oregon and was diagnosed in 1988 with autism at the age of two. She was nonverbal until she was nearly five years old. When she was four she began drawing scribbles that looked like faces. When her mother told her it was "OK to draw faces," she began drawing them everywhere. Drawing quickly became for her an important way of communicating her knowledge and feelings.
"Your Hand In Mine"             "Healing Thoughts"

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